There’s a lot going on in the world of tabletop games. Tabletop Calendar is here to help track it.

Available now: Contests.

The Contests page shows the contests from around the internet — and if you know of one that isn’t there, add it now!

Public URL: here. iCal format: here.

Available now: Crowdfunding.

The Crowdfunding page shows what’s up ahead. Be one of the first backers and get the early bird specials.

Available now: Conventions.

The Conventions page is a great way of finding the gaming conventions around the world.




Are there any board game contests that won’t make it here?

Some types of contests will not be seen here:

  • Any contests with really short time limits — 24-hour contests, game jams, or the like.
  • Contests connected to scam or spam — should be obvious enough.
  • Contests for video games or other non-tabletop games. 

Some types of contests may or may not be seen here:

  • Contests that don’t offer any prizes at all.
  • Contests that require physical attendance to participate will generally be added, but will clearly mention that attendance is required.

So I’m running a contest…

Great! Add it here for free publicity.

Is there any way to pay for more publicity?

Right now, nope. This site started at the very start of 2019, and will hopefully grow to the point where paying for a better spot will be worth your while. Until then, keep your money =)

You’re awesome! How do I help out?

No, you’re awesome =) How to help? Add contests or feel free to buy me a coffee via Paypal.