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Contest name2020 Wargame Print and Play Game Design Contest
Contest organizerJohnKean (on BGG)
Contest start1 June, 2020
Submission deadline1 October, 2020
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Contest requirements

Games entered in this contest should be purpose-designed wargames. Games may be solitaire, two player, multi-player or even co-operative. However it is critical that the game is a wargame. The primary focus should therefore be on conflict and warfare.

More information

Create a "work in progress" (WIP) thread in the Works in Progress forum. Also, you must add your WIP thread to the contest geeklist here: 2020 Wargame PnP Game Design Contest entries. (See thread for all the details.)

Is this a recurring contest?No

Public URL: here. iCal format: here.