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Contest nameCommunity Anthology Challenge
Contest organizerThe Game Crafter
Contest start15 September, 2020
Submission deadline4 January, 2021
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?$75
Contest requirements

Finalists will score Points in each Category, up to the total listed amount below; flavor is provided for consideration:

Game Play (10) : Is the game sure of itself - intuitive; elegant; focused? How is it engaging and interesting? Are there tense and exciting moments?

Rules Clarity (10) : Are the rules organized well? Do they read easily and understandably? How many questions are left unanswered?

Play Time (5) : Does the game play within the required time limit? Are players engaged for the entirety of the game?

Replayability (5) : Is there a desire to play again? Are there different strategies/approaches to employ for the next session?

Art/Graphic Design (5) : Are the pages laid out in a way that is not overwhelming? Does the overall look of the game feel finished?

Innovation (5) : What is the calling card of the game? How notable is it?

More information

The game you submit must only use the Jumbo Coil Book. Your game must use exactly 2 consecutive pages of the Jumbo Coil Book. These pages must include the game board and the rules for the game as well as any printed reference materials. For the purposes of submission to this contest format your game using this template.
The following components may be used by your game rules, but need not be included in your contest submission:
Meeple, Wood, Red x4
Meeple, Wood, Yellow x4
Meeple, Wood, Green x4
Meeple, Wood, Blue x4
Cube, 10mm, Red x8
Cube, 10mm, Yellow x8
Cube, 10mm, Green x8
Cube, 10mm, Blue x8
Disc, 16mm x 4mm, Red x6
Disc, 16mm x 4mm, Yellow x6
Disc, 16mm x 4mm, Green x6
Disc, 16mm x 4mm, Blue x6
D6, 16mm, Red x2
D6, 16mm, Yellow x2
D6, 16mm, Green x2
D6, 16mm, Blue x2
You may not use cards, mats, boards, etc -- the challenge presented is to push the creation of a novel gameplay experience with "static" elements.
Your game must play in less than 60 minutes.

Is this a recurring contest?No

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