Past contests

Past Contests

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 Contest name Contest start Submission deadline
2018 Mint Tin Design Contest11/10/201811/01/2019
2019 Cardboard Edison Award01/01/201931/01/2019
38th International Boulogne-Billancourt Board Game Contest08/01/201931/01/2019
Gaming Like It's 192301/01/201901/02/2019
Sporktopia Legacy Challenge04/02/2019
2019 Two-Player PnP Game Design Contest07/01/201914/02/2019
"Fun Size" cereal box contest30/01/201918/02/2019
Geekway Game Design Contest 201928/01/201928/02/2019
Novel Games Contest01/12/201801/03/2019
2019 9 Card Game Print and Play Design Contest06/01/201903/03/2019
Holiday Design Contest18/03/2019
The Board Game Workshop Design Contest 201914/04/201921/04/2019
Contest X - The Expansion Contest18/03/201922/04/2019
Board Game Design Challenge 201909/04/201917/05/2019
2019 54-Card Game Design Contest01/03/201931/05/2019
ROLL & WRITE GAME DESIGN CONTEST18/02/201901/06/2019
Simple Elegance Contest19/03/201917/06/2019
Caffeine Card Game Design Contest07/05/201917/06/2019
32nd annual GIOCO INEDITO 2019/2020 - Best new Game Proposal09/04/201924/06/2019
Haba USA 2019 Game Design Contest14/05/201913/07/2019
Social Deduction Challenge19/03/201912/08/2019
Fastaval Otto award contest01/08/201930/08/2019
Board Game Geek Solo PnP contest 201901/07/201916/09/2019
32th Hippodice Game Designers' Competition 202020/07/201930/09/2019
18 identical card contest03/09/201930/09/2019
 Contest name Contest start Submission deadline