2019 Two-Player PnP Game Design Contest

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Contest name2019 Two-Player PnP Game Design Contest
Contest organizerJohnKean (BoardGameGeek)
Contest start07/01/2019
Submission deadline14/02/2019
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?

Geek gold

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This contest aims to encourage the creation of inexpensive and innovative two-player games. Many gamers have but one regular gaming partner, be it a spouse, a boy- or girlfriend, a best friend, a sibling or a child. With this contest, we hope to encourage all you clever and attractive designers to create interesting new gaming experiences specifically for a pair of gamers.

Contest requirements

There are absolutely NO RESTRICTIONS on theme, game length, components or art. However, entries that are easy to build and play will probably attract more playtesters and voters.

The game must be playable by two players. Entries may also be playable as solitaires or with more than two players, but they will be judged on how well they work with exactly two players.

The game must not have been available as a WIP, as "print and play" components, or published in any form before the close of the previous 2-Player Contest, as specified above.

Entries must have a WIP thread and draft components available before the Valentine's Day submission deadline. These may be hosted on external sites such as Google Drive or DropBox. Submitted games may continue to be worked on until the start of voting, but no new entries will be accepted after the submission deadline.

The game must not have been entered in any other contest here on BGG, or in any other off-site contest.

Each designer may submit up to two games. Collaborative designs are welcomed.

For the benefit of all, entrants are expected to play and post feedback on at least three other games for each one that they enter. If you enter a game, please give meaningful feedback on at least three others. If you enter two games, give feedback on six others. Not only does this benefit both designers, it helps to make the voting results menaingful.

The organiser reserves the right to make the final decision on any issues arising from the rules.

Is this a recurring contest?No