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Contest name2019 9 Card Game Print and Play Design Contest
Contest organizerChris Hansen (Board Game Geek)
Contest start06/01/2019
Submission deadline03/03/2019
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?

Geek gold.

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Game Design
There are no specific theme or mechanic qualifications for this contest. The game mechanics, theme, and amount of randomness are left to the discretion of the game designers.

Team design work is allowed for this contest. You can have multiple people working on a single game as designers, artists, play-testers, etc.

Game Components
Each game entered in the contest may optionally use up to a total 18 of the following components.
Coins. You may use a use a different sizes of coins in your game. (i.e. a US dime, nickle, and quarter.) Be mindful of international players when designing games with two sided coins.
Paperclips. You may use metal or plastic clips in a variety of colors.
Meeples. You may use standard single color meeples from games such as Carcassonne.
Dice. Only standard six-sided dice with plain pips are allowed.
Crystals/glass beads. Versions that are commonly found in craft stores or other games may be used.

Contest requirements

he games entered in the contest should be new. To be eligible for this contest, a game must meet the following criteria.
The game cannot have been entered in a previous contest. Games that were entered in previous contests but not completed (i.e. Withdrawn or Uncompleted Entries) are still eligible to be entered in this contest.
The game cannot be publicly offered for download on BGG, a WIP Thread, or other websites prior to the Earliest Date for Games to be Publicly Available. The game may be described and discussed online so long as it is not actually available for download.
The game cannot be entered into other current contests. After this contest ends, you are free to enter your game in other contests provided it is allowed in their respective rules.
You may not publish or launch a crowdfunding campaign for your entry during the contest timeframe. (Once the contest is done, you may take steps to publish your game entry but please do not do so until voting in the contest has completed.)

5 Designers need to have full legal right over the games entered into this contest. Games should not contain artwork or characters that are protected by copyright or trademark without permission from the owner. Games may include content protected by Creative Commons or Copyleft licenses so long as the rules regarding redistribution and derivative works are followed. Artwork or characters in the public domain are of course allowed.

6 All game files should be freely available online for the duration of the contest. Game files may be hosted on your own web server or online storage sites such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc. The files must be freely available to anyone with the link and users should be able to download them without needing to create an account on the hosting service.

Each designer or team of designers is limited to two entries in the contest.

Is this a recurring contest?No