Past Contests

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Contest nameThe Board Game Workshop Design Contest 2019
Contest organizerChris Anderson / Board Game Workshop
Contest start14/04/2019
Submission deadline21/04/2019
Entry fee$5
Monetary prizes?None
Other prizes?

Written feedback from judges.

More information

Judges will have access to the full list of submissions and choose which games they want to judge. They will be able to see the designers, game names, and descriptions before they choose to watch the video.

After they read the description and view the video, the judge will fill out a short survey. They will rate your submission on a scale of 1-5 in Innovation, Elegance, Excitement, Presentation, and Overall. They will also provide at least 2 sentences of written feedback. Their scores and feedback will be shared with you, they may choose to remain anonymous.

The top games from round one will move on to round two. In round two entrants submit a rules pdf and a how to play video. The judging process for round two is similar to round one except that judges will provide at least 4 sentences of feedback.

The top games from round two move on to round three. Entrants in round three will submit a physical prototype of their game.

Contest requirements

Submission must include a 2-minute video, short text description, and entry form. No videos longer than 2 minutes will be accepted.

RPGs and video games are not eligible.

Is this a recurring contest?No