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Contest nameRoll & Write Game Design Contest
Contest organizerSergi Sanchez Labrador (on BGG)
Contest start30/04/2020
Submission deadline17/07/2020
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?

Geekgold, chance at publication

More information

Make a roll and write game.

Contest requirements

Games entered in this contest must have a WIP/Entry Thread entered in the Board Game WIP Forum. The first post of this WIP/Entry thread should contain the following:

* A link to the ROLL & WRITE DESIGN CONTEST (this thread)
* Name of the Game
* A two or three sentence Game Summary (this will be used in the Entry List)
* An image of the game (more than one is fine but at least one is required)
* Number of Players
* Description of Components
* Approximate Playing Time
* Categories in which the game will be competing.
* Links to the current game files. Rules and components should be in pdf format.

* All of the above information will be required in the entry thread. Any other info is at the designer's discretion. Please keep the first post in your WIP/Entry thread updated with current links and information about the game.
* Include the current status of your game in the Entry Thread's title. This will help other people know where you feel your game is in the design process.
1. Idea Phase (Private Playtesting. No publicly available printed components yet.)
2. Components Available (Public Playtesting. Printed Components are available. Game may be changed as a result of playtesting.)
3. Contest Ready (Game is complete and ready to be entered. The files cannot be changed outside of typo correction in this status.)

Don't forget to announce your game in this thread and enter your game in your WIP thread.

Is this a recurring contest?No