2020 Wargame Print and Play Game Design Contest

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Contest name2020 Wargame Print and Play Game Design Contest
Contest organizerJohnKean (on BGG)
Contest start01/06/2020
Submission deadline01/10/2020
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?


More information

Create a "work in progress" (WIP) thread in the Works in Progress forum. Also, you must add your WIP thread to the contest geeklist here: 2020 Wargame PnP Game Design Contest entries. (See thread for all the details.)

Contest requirements

Games entered in this contest should be purpose-designed wargames. Games may be solitaire, two player, multi-player or even co-operative. However it is critical that the game is a wargame. The primary focus should therefore be on conflict and warfare.

Is this a recurring contest?No