Past Contests

Contest name"Fun Size" cereal box contest
Contest organizerFlip Florey / Board Games Serial
Contest start30/01/2019
Submission deadline18/02/2019
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?$20 Amazon gift card
Other prizes?


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Everyone remembers "Fun Size" cereal boxes? Well, the challenge is to design a board game that can fit on the back of one of these boxes!

I will choose the top 4 or 5 to utilize and hand out to folks at the show! But ONE LUCKY DESIGNER will win $20 of something from Amazon!
Deadline is Monday Feb. 18th!
You can geekmail me, or send submissions to

Contest requirements

Your game must...
1. Fit on back of the box (which measures 2.75 inches by 4.75 inches.
2. Rules should fit on the sides of the box which is 1.5 inches by 4.75 inches.
3. Any components (dice, meeples, cards) should fit into a tiny, tiny package that can be inserted into the box (much like a SURPRISE INSIDE).
4. It should be, just plain FUN! Something you can play at the breakfast table.
5. Extra points if you can utilize the actual cereal as playing pieces.

Is this a recurring contest?No