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Contest organizerSergi Sanchez Labrador (SergiSan) on Board Game Geek
Contest start18/02/2019
Submission deadline01/06/2019
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?


More information

While the end result of the contest is a geekgold prize, the goal of the contest should be to design the best game possible and help others do the same. The contest is much more enjoyable when you participate with other designers and provide feedback for their designs.

For each game entered in the contest, designers should try to play at least three of the other entries. This will help you meet other designers and you will find that many of them will return the favor and play your game. However, I know that schedule conflicts and other issues may arise so while playing other games is strongly encouraged, it is not a requirement.

Contest requirements

Roll and write game. See the thread for complete details.

Is this a recurring contest?No