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Contest nameContest X - The Expansion Contest
Contest organizerJørgen Brunborg-Næss / Green Box of Games
Contest start18/03/2019
Submission deadline22/04/2019
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?

All winners will receive one free physical copy of the Green Box of Games including the MMX expansion, delivered by mail anywhere in the world.

More information

Make a game using the new expansion pieces of the Green Box of Games.

You can submit as many games as you want to, but one designer can only win in one category.

Complete rules must be made available on the wiki no later than April 22nd.

The Green Box of Games and all related material is available under a Creative Commons SA-BY-NC license (Share freely with attribution for non-commercial purposes), and all games and material submitted during this contest must be available under the same license, attributed to the respective creator.

Contest requirements

Participants must register their entries no later than April 1st, by replying to this thread, geekmailing me, or emailing A registered entry must only contain the name of the participant and the game, and optionally a short description of the idea.

A page for the game must be created on the Green Box Community Wiki as soon as possible after registry. I will help you do this if necessary.

The game must not already be included in an official rulebook

Both fully original games and adaptations of other games are eligible. When adapting other games, please respect copyright (so do not copy/paste text or images), and give credit to original creators.

Is this a recurring contest?No