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Contest name32nd annual GIOCO INEDITO 2019/2020 - Best new Game Proposal
Contest organizerGioco Inedito
Contest start09/04/2019
Submission deadline24/06/2019
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?

100 copies of the game, published by Lucca Comics & Games and dV Giochi.

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See for the complete set of rules and regulations

Contest requirements

Art. 1 - The game must allow participation by at least two
players, and must have a declaration of a winner at the end of a match (draws and cooperative games are permitted).
Art. 2 - The inspirational theme of the game for this year 2019
will be: “Leonardo Da Vinci”.
Art. 3 - The game must include:
a maximum of 110 cards, set in a 6 cm x 9 cm format
(designers are free to divide these cards into several decks,
using different card backs).
a maximum of 55 cards, set in a 6 cm x 9 cm format
(designers are free to divide these cards into several decks,
using different card backs), plus a zipbag containing a dice
and/or a maximum of 5 standard pawns.

Art. 4 - The rulebook, which must be in Italian or English, must
be printable on A4 or A5 sized paper, and cannot exceed 10,000 characters or be longer than 6 A4 sheets (or 12 A5 sheets), including covers.
Art. 5 - Drawings and other images may be included in the
Art. 6 - Designers are encouraged to include examples of game play situations in the rulebook.
Art. 7 - Prototypes must be sent in printed format:
TWO complete copies of the printed version of the game
must be sent, including all printed and cut out cards and the
game rulebook (so, TWO decks and TWO rulebooks).

Art. 8 - Designers are recommended to pay particular attention
to the packaging of the parcel to avoid damage during shipping.
Art. 9 - All printed materials should be sent, at designer’s expense,
until MONDAY, JUNE 24th, to:
corso Garibaldi, 53
• All materials received will not be returned. The physical
prototypes become the property of Lucca Comics & Games.
Art. 10 - In addition to sending the game in both electronic and
printed format, designers must also fill out the online registration form at (form will be soon on our website):

Is this a recurring contest?Yes
How often does it reoccur?Once a year.