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Contest nameBoard Game Geek Solo PnP contest 2019
Contest organizerChris Hansen
Contest start01/07/2019
Submission deadline16/09/2019
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?


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Annual contest for solo print-and-play games - judged by the BGG community.

Contest requirements

Game Entry Requirements
This contest should be purpose-designed solitaire play games. Multi-player or co-op options are allowed but the primary focus of the game should be for solo play. A good example is Onirim, which has a two player option, but was primarily designed to be enjoyed by one.

The games should have a decision tree or a way for players to react to the randomness. Games should not be decided (won or lost) regardless of player action (ala Klondike). Also, games should not be two-player games in which the player must play both sides (i.e. A Victory Lost)

To be eligible for the main contest prize, the games entered in this contest need to be new. New games must meet the following criteria:
The game cannot have been entered in a previous contest. Games that were entered in other contests but not completed (i.e. Withdrawn or Incomplete Entries) are still eligible to be entered in this contest.
The game cannot be publicly offered for download on BGG, a WIP Thread, or other websites prior to the Earliest Date for Games to be Publicly Available. The game may be described and discussed online so long as it is not actually available for download.
Games cannot be entered into the Solitaire Contest and other concurrently running PNP design contests. After the solo contest ends, you are free to enter your game in other contests provided it is allowed in their respective rules.

Is this a recurring contest?Yes
How often does it reoccur?Once a year.