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Contest name32th Hippodice Game Designers' Competition 2020
Contest organizerHippodice
Contest start20/07/2019
Submission deadline30/09/2019
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?

Prestige, exposure.

All authors of the main round receive feedback: Praise, criticism, suggestions and suggestions for improvement — summarised from the evaluation sheets of the test rounds

More information

The Hippodice competition is looking for the best game ideas year after year. All game designers of unpublished board, card, dice or other non-digital games can participate.

The competition is internationally oriented and has been held annually since 1989. It has evolved over the last few decades into a well-known event in the international gaming scene. Countless titles have been published after a successful competition, and have gained not only national, but also international attention.

Contest requirements

No specific requirements about your game. Be aware that if your game makes it past the Preliminaries into the Main Round, there is an entry fee and you will have to send a physical prototype to Germany.

Is this a recurring contest?Yes
How often does it reoccur?Once a year.