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Contest nameGray Matter Games Contest
Contest organizerGray Matter Games
Contest start01/10/2019
Submission deadline31/12/2019
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?$1,000
Other prizes?

Possible publication with Gray Matter Games

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Types of Games GMG is Looking For:
· Fun, easy to learn party and family games (Ages 8+, 14+ or 17+)
· Unique game mechanics or theme
· Can be learned in under five minutes and plays in under 60 minutes
· Has a unique marketing angle that fits with current trends
· Fits with the Gray Matters Games brand

Contest requirements

· Must be an analog board game, card game or dexterity game.
· Must be 100% your own intellectual property.
· Must not be available for sale, pre-order or crowd funding while it is in the contest.
· Must not have previously been available for retail sale or successfully crowd funded prior to the contest.
· Must not be finished. Participant is willing to make changes to the design to improve it.
*** · Must be able to attend the final contest at Fair Game in La Grange, IL. ***

Is this a recurring contest?No