Geekway to the West game design contest

Past Contests

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Contest nameGeekway to the West game design contest
Contest organizerGeekway to the West
Contest start14/10/2019
Submission deadline06/12/2019
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?$250 gift card to Miniature Market
Other prizes?

Additionally, the winner will be offered a contract by Stronghold Games for publication! The winner is not bound to accept the contract, but it is expected that the winner will work with Stronghold Games to reach terms for publication. The plan is that the winning game will be published in time for Geekway to the West 2022, and will be the free game giveaway for the convention (assuming the games are able to be published in a timely manner and reach the convention in time – this is not a promise!)

Contest requirements

Only ticketed attendees for Geekway to the West 2020 are eligible to enter the contest.

Entrants should adhere to the following guidelines:
Play time of 90 minutes or less
No 2-player only games (but 2-4 or 2-6 or whatever is fine).
Above all, the game should be super fun and unique.
Approximately 12 entrants will be selected to participate in Round One of the Contest at Geekway

Is this a recurring contest?Yes
How often does it reoccur?Once a year.