Piecepack Community Contest #9: The Iron Piecepack Designer

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Contest namePiecepack Community Contest #9: The Iron Piecepack Designer
Contest organizerChris Goodwin and Dan Burkey (winners of Piecepack Community Contest #8)
Contest start17/08/2019
Submission deadline15/07/2020
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?

* Everlasting Glory
* The privilege of hosting the next contest
* The Iron Piecepack Chef’s Toque, a piece of headwear so glorious it has not yet been designed
* A build-it-yourself piecepack kit featuring tile face labels hand printed using a carved linoleum block process by Dan Burkey
* Maybe additional prizes will emerge as well (previous contests had further contributions of game prizes from the community)

More information

Actually 3 subcontests (can enter 1-3 of them) plus a Video Side Contest:

1) The Iron Chef
2) Piecepack Matchsticks
3) Expand!

Contest requirements

* Rules must be free for others to use and share (i.e. a Creative Commons license).
* Must incorporate the piecepack (public domain game system), may incorporate other game material that the judges own, that they can Print-and-Play, or which you must mail to them.

Is this a recurring contest?No