Button Shy Games' November challenge

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Contest nameButton Shy Games' November challenge
Contest organizerButton Shy Games
Contest start01/11/2019
Submission deadline30/11/2019
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?$100
Other prizes?

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Create an 18 card game based on a real life location.

Contest requirements

Additional explanation: We consider a real life location a specific building, park, street, city, state or country. Also a river, or mountain. Anything along those lines. Your game could be about the Pine Barrens in New Jersey or Buckingham Palace, or a city in Brazil. It can be a location that existed and no longer does. We only ask that you are respectful of any culture that you are working with.

More additional rules: Cards are poker sized and cannot be cut or torn or drawn on. No additional components. You cannot use the packaging or the rules as components.

Is this a recurring contest?No