2018 Mint Tin Design Contest

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Contest name2018 Mint Tin Design Contest
Contest organizerBoard Game Geek (R4D6)
Contest start11/10/2018
Submission deadline11/01/2019
Entry feeNone
Monetary prizes?None
Other prizes?


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1. Best Overall Design
2. Most Innovative Design
3. Best Use of Theme
4. Best Artwork & Graphic Design
5. Best Written Rules
6. Guest Judge - Top 3 Designs

Contest requirements

Must make a game that fits in a mint tin.
Mint tin dimensions:

Top lid outer (not lip): 2.36" (59.9 mm) x 3.75"(95 mm)
Tin bottom: 2.3" (58.75 mm) x 3.7"(93.9 mm)
Inner: 2.24" (56.9 mm) x 3.6"(91.5 mm)
Height bottom section: 0.83" (21.28 mm)
Height top section: 0.36" (9.26 mm)
Corner radius .55" (14 mm)

Additional Rules

1. Team design work is allowed for this contest.
2. Designers may only submit 1 design to this contest.
3. Games must be available as free PNPs during the contest.