Smart Filler – International Board Game Design Contest

Past Contests

Contest nameSmart Filler - International Board Game Design Contest
Contest organizerXVgames
Contest start01/01/2020
Submission deadline30/05/2020
Entry feefree
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?

All finalists will receive a bundle of products from the XVgames catalogue, shipped or given directly at Essen SPIEL 2020. The winner of the contest will also receive a license agreement contract to publish the game in XVgames line with release programmed at Essen SPIEL 2021.

More information

Any game designer can register one or more games to the contest.

From the list of games, 5 finalists will be chosen and announced during the month of September 2020. The winner will be announced at Essen SPIEL 2020, in october 2020.

Contest requirements

Any game can be registered to the contest, but always keeping in mind the basic concept of the Smart Filler idea so:

Only 2 players games
Perfect (or almost perfect) information
Few rules
Few components
Short game length
Easy to learn

Is this a recurring contest?No