Video Stream Design Contest

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Contest nameVideo Stream Design Contest
Contest organizerIffix Y Santaph
Contest start26/03/2020
Submission deadline30/04/2020
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?none
Other prizes?

Geekgold, feedback

More information

For each entry you submit, you must offer meaningful feedback to another game, reading and advising on rules, preferably testing the game, and better still over video.

This thread may be used to introduce your entries to us, and update us to your progress. But any design questions should be kept in your own WIP.

When you create a WIP, please reference this contest in the header, and provide a link to it in the OP of your thread. This way, others interested in participating can easily find us.

Contest requirements

There are going to be very few rules for this contest. The tough hoop to jump through will be creating games that can be played over video conference. It is not encouraged to design games assuming functions of the video streaming service will be available. Different apps have different capabilities.

Is this a recurring contest?No