Weird Giraffe Games 18-card contest

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Contest nameWeird Giraffe Games 18-card contest
Contest organizerWeird Giraffe Games
Contest start01/04/2020
Submission deadline31/05/2020
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?$50 Amazon gift card
Other prizes?

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More information

The members of Galactic Raptor Games will vote on their favorites to determine the winner!

If you enter, we might tweet images of us playing your game, but we won't say anything about your game on social media.

We will be learning the game from the rules, so please make them clear and proofread them. If we play the game wrong due to the rules being confusing, then your game would be seen in a different light than you intended.
You do not need any fancy art, but clear graphic design will certainly help.
You can base a game on one of our games by using similar mechanisms (like making an Animal Kingdoms 18 card game with area control) or you can use the lore of that world to make a game with a different mechanism; either works! You can also do a prequel or sequal to the game. That is, what happens before or after the game is played in the universe of the game. For instance, how did the fire in Fire in the Library get started?

Contest requirements

Design an game with 18 or fewer cards based on a game by Weird Giraffe Games, Galactic Raptor Games, or Letiman Games. The 18 card game should be a miniature version of one of our current games.

Your game will need the following files: rules document, print and play of 18 cards. You may also submit a rules video, but this is not necessary.

Is this a recurring contest?No