Story Machine Games' 2020 contest

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Contest nameStory Machine Games' 2020 contest
Contest organizerStory Machine Games
Contest start01/05/2020
Submission deadline26/05/2020
Entry feenone
Monetary prizes?$300
Other prizes?

There are three levels of prizes:

Finalists will have their game’s description posted for public voting.

The top three designers or teams will be invited to have a professional review of their submitted game or a game of their choice, including consideration for publication by Story Machine Games.

First place will receive a cash prize of $300 USD in exchange for the rights to publish the game as a free print and play.

More information

Theme is 'Long Distance' - playing over messaging, photos, video chat, or audio.

The first round of judging is completed by company employees, according to the following rubric:

Complete (including all needed components and elements)

Understandable (submitted in English, with full rules)

Qualified (does not violate any submission deadlines, limits, or regulations)

Appropriate (acceptably fits within the restrictions of the theme)

The second round, determining finalists, is completed by selected outside judges, according to key elements:

Clear and creative mechanics

Fun and enjoyable play

Interesting fulfillment of theme

“The Spark” - an element of joy or wonder from something new or exciting

The last is completed by votes from company employees and judges, with one ranked vote allotted to each. Votes on the BoardGameGeek listings will result in one additional vote for the highest voted game. Top three submissions will be announced, with ties permissibl

Contest requirements

Games must follow the restrictions and requirements of the theme (announced on the start date).

Copyrighted material is not permitted without written permission. Creative Commons and other licensed material is permitted as long as noted in the submission. Rules regarding those licenses must be followed and permit potential public hosting of the content.

The game cannot already exist online or be listed in the BGG database.

The game must be deliverable as digital files or photos in its entirety, except for common components (non-specific markers or tokens, six-sided dice, pens & paper, etc.), due to social isolation precautions. Video demonstrations or explanations will be permitted when necessary.

A rulebook/rulesheet is required. It must be legible and in English (the current common language of our judges).

Entries are not limited by background or location. The contact person for a designer or team must be 18 or older.

Up to three submissions are permitted per person / team, although any individually named person can only have a single game move onto the finalist round.

Is this a recurring contest?No