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Convention nameAw SHUX
Convention organizerShut Up and Sit Down
Convention start16/10/2020
Convention end18/10/2020
What time zone is it based in?Pacific (Vancouver)
How much does it cost to enter?free
What's happening at this convention?

The Shut Up and Sit Down brand of awesomeness. "A digital event where we bring a few of our favourite bits of the physical show and contort them into an online world, 100% free for attendees and publishers."

"Playing our favourite games and finding new delights is what cons are all about. We’re partnering with Tabletopia to bring you thousands of games for you to play with other attendees, for free. Whether you’re on your own or traveling in packs, we’ll be using all the tools at our disposal to get you online and playing games in a silky-smooth fashion.

· We’ll ensure loads of volunteer matchmakers and teachers are on-hand to help you understand the tools and to get you setup and playing as quickly and easily as possible. Do you have the “Pearagon” spirit, and want to help with this? We’d love you to join us! Send “Count me IN!” as the subject line to"

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