Protospiel Online

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Convention nameProtospiel Online
Convention organizerProtospiel Colorado
Convention start02/10/2020
Convention end04/10/2020
What time zone is it based in?Mountain Standard Time
What time does it start?10:00 AM
What time does it end?10:00 PM
How much does it cost to enter?$15-$120
What's happening at this convention?

10% of proceeds will go to 5 US-based nonprofits working to end systemic racism. Learn more about our featured nonprofits at

Protospiel Online is a fully virtual playtesting convention in the style of a traditional Protospiel:
*A full weekend of unschduled, unhurried prototype playtesting
*No "finished" games allowed
*A focus on feedback between game designer peers and from dedicated playtsters
*A welcoming and friendly community for game designers of any level, playtesters excited to give feedback, and prototypes with any level of polish
*Designers aim to give approximately as much playtesting as they receive from the group (If 4 people play your game for 1 hour, try to spend 4 hours playing others' games.)

Any more information?

Your Protospiel Online weekend includes:
✅ 3 full days of unlimited playtesting
✅ Help learning the ropes of Discord & Tabletop Simulator
✅ Fundraiser to fight systemic racism
✅ Online Attendees Directory for a networking boost
✅ 24 hr in-person moderation in large group voice channels
✅ Coffee Talk voice/video chat for socializing between games
✅ Enter to win one of 2 gift certificate giveaways
✅ Game Design Challenges to spark your creativity
✅ Share or give feedback on "sell sheets" for unpublished games
✅ Discover insider secrets as you sit in on Publisher Coffee Talks
✅ Get featured on tabletop gaming podcasts