Gamealot 2020

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Convention nameGamealot 2020
Convention organizerGamealot
Convention start23/10/2020
Convention end25/10/2020
What time zone is it based in?Mountain time
What time does it start?04:00 PM
What time does it end?04:00 PM
How much does it cost to enter?$10 / $25
What's happening at this convention?

Gamealot is a 2 1/2 day game convention that brings novice and experienced players together to play games and raise funds for a local charity that supports families in our community.

Attendees are invited to host games, and/or join a game that piques their interest. There will be dozens of pre-scheduled games available to join, unscheduled pick up games happening throughout the event!

2020 is the first year that it will be online.

Hosts must provide their own copy of the game(s) they are leading if they are playing via Skype or some other camera based platform. If the game is being played on TableTopia, Boardgamearena or some other platform, hosts should be able to explain the way to draw cards, roll dice and play the game to the players.

Any more information?

Higher level badge offers a free t-shirt.

Event raises funds for the St. Albert Family Resource Centre.