OMG CON (Online Megagame Con)

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Convention nameOMG CON (Online Megagame Con)
Convention organizerThe Megagame Coalition
Convention start11/09/2020
Convention end13/09/2020
What time zone is it based in?Eastern
What time does it start?09:30 AM
What time does it end?07:00 PM
How much does it cost to enter?$5 +
What's happening at this convention?

Virtual, multi-hour mass-player experiences! Click here to see the OMG megagame events.

Panels and talks from Designers and Organizers, including some of the MG community greats!

Social Games!
Virtual versions of social deducation games like Two Rooms and a Boom and Blood on the Clocktower!

& More!
Live streams and watch parties, virtual hangouts and other shenanigans!

Any more information?

Virtual badges cost $5 and will grant access to the Con Discord, its talks, and social, non-gaming events.

A $5 Social Gaming Ribbon will grant unlimited access to the virtual social deduction games and other games oriented towards social interactions (e.g. Two Rooms and a Boom, Secret Hitler, Blood on the Clocktower, and more) going on throughout the Con. Special care and additional digital/non-digital infrastructure is being setup for these social games to ensure their well-adapted to an online setting.

The Megagame events of OMG Con will be ticketed individually and the cost will range from $5-$15 per megagame event. Purchase of a Virtual OMG Con Badge will be required for those attending the Megagame events. Some megagame playtest events will be free and open to all with a OMG Con Badge.