Pandemic Pacificon 2020

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Convention namePandemic Pacificon 2020
Convention organizerPacificon
Convention start04/09/2020
Convention end06/09/2020
What time zone is it based in?Pacific
What time does it start?11:00 AM
What time does it end?11:00 PM
How much does it cost to enter?$10-$30
What's happening at this convention?

Over Labor Day weekend (September 4-7, 2020) we will be hosting our first ever online gaming event! The gang at ConQuest ran a test con in July, and taking the oodles we have learned from that, are ready to bring you an opportunity to play in a safe manner…. online.

So far, we are looking forward to some Organized Play role playing, open role playing, board games, and Karl and Tim from War Game Boot Camp! We are booking some discussion groups and seminars as well!

The Pay What You Can (PWYC) tickets priced at $10, $15, $20, $25, and $30 all allow weekend admission to any games being held at PP2020. There are no per game charges for most of the games. Some games with a celebrity GM or some other special consideration may have an additional charge or requirement, but this might be just a couple events.

Any more information?

Decide you are going to come and have a blast at Pandemic Pacificon 2020 (PP2020)! Fill out this Google Form to register and pay for the weekend!
Register to sign up for events on Warhorn here. Warhorn is where all the scheduling of events will happen for PP2020.

Forward your complete receipt of payment to to be cleared to sign up for games.