Metatopia Online

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Convention nameMetatopia Online
Convention organizerMetatopia / Double Exposure
Convention start05/11/2020
Convention end08/11/2020
What time zone is it based in?Eastern?
How much does it cost to enter?free
What's happening at this convention?

METATOPIA ONLINE is the place to unveil new ideas related to making, playing and selling games and to share them with friends and peers, old and new.
Join hundreds of Designers and Publishers for scheduled seminars, panels and discussions, and unlimited online playtests. Because we can't gather in-person this year (thanks, covid), we are able to take the conversation global in all-new ways. Engage with over 100 hours of programming from presenters all over the world!
Using a combination of Twitch, Discord and Zoom, we will come together to talk about role playing games, story games, LARPs, board games, card games, party games and wargames.

Non-Professionals are welcome to enjoy the entire convention, whether you aspire to be part of the gaming industry or not. Designers will be running freeform playtests throughout the weekend, and they will need everyday players to help them out!