Protospiel Online July 2020

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Convention nameProtospiel Online July 2020
Convention organizerProtospiel Colorado
Convention start17/07/2020
Convention end19/07/2020
What time zone is it based in?Mountain time
What time does it start?12:00 PM
What time does it end?09:00 PM
How much does it cost to enter?$10 / $35
What's happening at this convention?

Protospiel, baby!
This will be a free-form tabletop game design event focused on designers playtesting their games with other designers and committed playtesters.

Early bird prices for tickets ends July 9, 2020 10:00 AM MDT - everything goes up by $15 after that.

The event encourages a focus on collaborative design and relationship building rather than marketing or pitching.

Designers presenting prototypes are expected to follow the principle of giving about the same amount of playtesting time as they receive. (e.g. After 4 people play your game for 1 hour, you seek to put in about 4 hours of playtesting for others' games.)

You can expect lots of helpful, honest feedback from a community of full of people focused on encouraging one another to create the best games possible.

You'll have opportunities to update your prototype and re-test it all within the same weekend -- possibly even getting follow-up feedback from the same playtesters from an earlier session.

You can bring a prototype with any level of finish. The only rule is no 100% finished games are allowed. You must be open to feedback if you present your prototype at this convention.

There are no specific events to sign up for. Simply show up each day and find a group to play with.

As with any Protospiel, you are always free to take breaks when needed, but it's best if you can stay through the end of the feedback session for any playtest you start.

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